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A turbocharger is an important component in a vehicle as it improves engine efficiency. If you are looking for turbochargers replacement or upgrade, Truck Parts Depot is the right choice for you. At Truck Parts Depot in Barrie, we offer a wide range of OEM turbochargers for various applications. We also represent various turbocharger brands in the industry to meet your unique needs. We can provide a new turbo for your truck through our efficient trading system and in no time. Garrett, BorgWarner, and Holset® are the main turbochargers we stock.


We pride ourselves on for providing outstanding services in the truck parts industry. Our parts desk is dedicated to getting your truck ready on the road. We proudly serve businesses of all sizes and individual truck owners in Bracebridge, Huntsville, Orillia, Barrie, Midland, Bolton, Newmarket, Arora and Vaughan. If you have any questions about turbochargers, come visit us today or contact us!




Fixed geometry turbo technology funnels all the exhaust gas to the turbine to boost complete engine power. With years of experience of meeting customer power requirements, Truck parts Depot expertise of this technology is tried and tested, and today supply some of the world’s most optimized, efficient and reliable turbochargers.
Although the concept of fixed geometry has been unchanged for decades, turbo technologies have progressively improved performance and reliability. Fixed geometry turbo technology is a cost-effective method for boost, and excel in technical performance, which directly translates into engine fuel economy. These fuel-economy advantages mean that fixed geometry turbochargers are a key solution as emissions regulations continue to become more stringent.


Wastegates control the amount and timing of excess exhaust gas release and are available in either pneumatic or electronically controlled configurations. Wastegate turbochargers offer a reliable, cost-effective, and durable solution for low to mid-power ranges. This technology diverts ‘waste’ exhaust for a better match with most conditions.

Wastegate technology helps to prevent turbocharger over-speeding, as well as engine over-boost. It improves upon fixed geometry units with an overall 3% increase in efficiency, and they can be optimized for various after-treatment systems.


We stock a wide range of truck parts in Barrie.

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